Sunday, January 19, 2014

December 10, 1982: The WHO in Syracuse

Recently, someone in the Nostalgic Syracuse Facebook group posted a picture of a ticket stub from the WHO show at the Carrier Dome Dec. 10, 1982. Seeing the ticket stub propelled me back in time to the days when Syracuse was a regular tour stop for some of the biggest groups in music at the time. The Dome was a draw, and while the acoustics weren't the best, the shear volume of groups like the WHO overrode any acoustic drawbacks.

To this day, this show remains one of the best I've ever seen. Check out the set list! It was monumental.

I had seats on the floor and managed to wriggle my way up to the front, completely mesmerized by Pete Townsend. In his prime, he was a force unlike anything I'd ever witnessed. And John Entwistle made playing the bass an art form. This was also Kenney Jones' last tour with the band and he was crazy good.

I miss those types of shows. Sure, the NYS Fair still draws big names, but there was nothing like being in an enclosed arena where there was no escape from the sounds and sights. I realize I sound like a geezer, but those sure were the days!

This isn't from the Syracuse show, but from Toronto a week later! 


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